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The Royal Theater of Copenhagen

Project status: preliminary design 2003
Client: City of Copenhagen
Team: smo architektur
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Area: 22400 m2
Cost: 52000000.00 €

the cognitive map

The enclosed design for the Royal Theater on Kvæsthusboen has been developed from a system of integrated relationships. The landscape is substantiated in a architectonic volume which combines the outlines of the ground, the water and the construction with one another in one and the same cognitive map. In this way, the building itself is no
longer an enclosed and strictly defined block, it becomes the fusion of water, land and the inner ramp. The polymorphous design is developed from water and transforms into a landscape with the harbour promenade. The "skin", partly diaphanous, partly transparent, forms the facade. The function and the relation to the location influence and define the surface of the skin. This entirety implies a certain subjectification. The purpose of the building and its
outer appearance combine to an unmistakable face. With our architecture, we would like to break with common ways of perception. When getting to know the building, there should not to be a direct comparison with stored images, so that confronting the building becomes inevitable. It should arouse associations, stimulate your own fantasy and lead to a permanent dialogue with the architecture. The logic of formation of shapes basically follows the methodical production of the programme of space and the precise examination of the situation. The programme has been implemented particularly functionally and efficiently for a maximum experience of space.
The visitors should experience ever different and surprising views, discovering new spatial compositions and connections. The architecture unfolds its sensational tactile textures in spatial transparencies, opening manifold views in a rhythmic series of spaces and correspondences. Spaces flowing into one another, movement flowing through the paths and a perpetually changing light.